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front end developer course in hyderabad

Front End Developer Course in Hyderabad

Batch Details

Trainer NameMr. Ravi
Trainer Experience12 Years
TimingsMonday to Friday
(Morning and evening)
Next Batch Date05-3-2024 AT 07:00 AM
Training ModesClassroom & Online
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Front End Developer Course Curriculum

Module-1)  HTML 5 Introduction
● Basics of html and document structure
● Doctypes
● Basic Tags
I. html
II. head
III. body
IV. title
V. meta
VI. link
VII. script
● Html attributes

a. Paragraphs
b. Line breaks
c. Blank space
d. Pre Formatting text
e. Headings
f. Comments

a.  Element Types
i. Block Elements
ii. Inline Elements
b.  Div
c.  Span
d.  Header
e.  Footer
f.  Section
g.  Article

h.  Nav
i. Aside
4) Lists
a.  UnOrdered Lists
b.  ordered Lists
c.  Nested Lists
d.  Definition Lists
5)  Links
a.  What are links
b.  Text links
c.  Image links
d.  Opening link in new window / new tab
e.  Opening link in same same tab
f.  Links to content of same page
g.  Linking to an email
h.  Linking to a file
6)  Images
a.  Introduction to images
b.  Adding an image to web page
c.  Image alt text
d.  Image labels
7)  Tables
a.  Displaying data in table
b.  Table Header
c.  Table Body
d.  Table
e. Thread
f.  Tbody
g.  Tr
h.  Td
i.  Th

a. Introduction
b. Text Box
c. text
d. password
e. email
f. number
g. date
h. range
i. url
j. color
k. Radio Button
l. Check Boxes
m. Select Box
n. Multiple Select Box
o. Text Area
p. Submit Button
q. Reset Button

a. Web Storage
b. Local storage
c. Session storage
HTML Media
a. Introduction
b. Audio
c. Vedio
d. Accessing audio/video from external source file in webpage
HTML Graphics
a. Introduction to SVG and Canvas

1. Introduction
a. Version history
b. Css syntax
c. Styling using external style sheets
d. Styling using internal styles sheets
e. Inline Styles
f. Multiple stylesheets
2. Selectors:
a. Specificity
b. Tag selector
c. ID Selectors
d. Class Selectors
e. Grouping Selectors
f. Universal Selector
g. Descendant / Child Selectors
h. Attribute Selectors
i. CSS – Pseudo Classes
3. Text Fonts
a. color
b. background-color
c. text-decoration
d. text-align

e. vertical-align
f. text-indent
g. text-transform
h. white space
i. letter-spacing
j. word-spacing
k. line-height
l. font-family
m. font-size
n. font-style
o. font-variant
p. font-weight


a. Background Image
b. Background color
c. Background Position
d. background-repeat
a. Border width
b. Border Type
c. Border Color
d. Border radius
Box Model:
a. Margin
b. Padding
c. Width
d. Height
e. Borders

a. Static
b. Fixed
c. relative
d. Absolute
e. Z-index

a. Inline
b. Inline Block
c. block
d. Table
e. Flex
f. Grid

a. Visible
b. Hidden

a. Float
b. Clear
 Responsive Web Design:
a. Media Queries
b. Breaking Points
c. Targeting Web Page
d. Targeting PDF

a. 2D Transforms
b. 3D Transforms
c. Transitions
d. Animations

CSS ShortHand
Box shadow
 Flex Box

1. javascript introduction
2. statements
4. Variables
5. Operators
a. Arithmetic
b. Logical
c. Relational
d. Assignment
6. Data Types
a. Number
b. Boolean
c. String
d. Function
e. Array

a. if
b. ifelse
c. switch
. Iterative control structures
a. For
b. For in
c. While
d. Do While
e. For of

a. Function declaration
b. Function calling
c. Function Arguments, Parameters
d. Functional Scope
e. Returning from a function
f. closures
g. Functions as Arguments
h. Recursive functions
. Strings
a. Introduction
b. String Methods
i. Split()
ii. Trim()
iii. Charat()
iv. Length.
v. Substr()
vi. concat()

a. Introduction
b. Array Methods
i. Map
ii. Filter
iii. Find
iv. FindIndex
v. Foreach
vi. indexof
vii. includes
viii. join
ix. push
x. pop
xi. reduce
xii. slice
xiii. reverse
xiv. & More
c. Iterating an Array
d. Sorting an Array
. Dates
a. Date FOrmats
b. Date get methods
c. Date set methods

a. Math
b. Console

a. Introduction
b. Creating objects
c. Object properties
d. Object methods
e. Prototype of an object
f. cloning an object
g. Joining Multiple objects
. DOM – Document Object Model
a. Document Object
b. Accessing an element
c. Create Element
d. Setting an attribute
e. Append Childs
f. Removing an element
g. Creating Text notes
h. Adding or removing Events
16. Variable Hoisting
a. Introduction
b. Functional scope
c. Block scope

a. Introduction
b. Examples of events
i. click
ii. mousemove
iii. doubleclick
iv. blur
v. focus

vi. load
vii. hover
viii. & More.
c. Event Handlers
i. Adding
ii. Removing
d. Event bubbling
e. Event propagation
f. preventing events from default behaviour

1. Variable declaration using Let & const
2. Arrow Functions
3. Classes
4. Maps
5. Sets
6. Modules
7. Rest or spread operator
8. Array destructuring
9. Object destructing
10. Default parameters
11. Promises
12. Async – Await

⮚ React Introduction
⮚ React Installation
⮚ create-react-app
⮚ React Features
⮚ Pros & Cons
⮚ React JS vs AngularJS
⮚ React Components
⮚ React State
⮚ React Props
⮚ React Props Validation
⮚ React State vs Props
⮚ React Constructor
⮚ React Component API & Component Life Cycle
⮚ Controlled vs Uncontrolled
⮚ React Events
⮚ Conditional Rendering
⮚ React Data Binding(Lists, Dropdowns, AG Grid)
⮚ React Keys & React Refs
⮚ React Fragments
⮚ React Router
⮚ React Map
⮚ Higher-Order Components
⮚ Error Boundaries
⮚ React Context
⮚ React Hooks
⮚ Json Forms
⮚ Pure components
⮚ Form validations

Why Join Front End Developer Course in Hyderabad

Key Points

Expert instructors

Our instructors boast over 12 years of experience in frontend development, offering comprehensive expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, including the latest EcmaScript6, and React JS.

Hands-on experience

Our course is crafted to offer hands-on, practical experience in frontend development, empowering you to engage in real-time projects and address real-world challenges effectively.

Customized curriculum

We provide a personalized curriculum designed to align with the unique requirements of your industry and job responsibilities.

Career guidance

We provide career guidance and assistance to aid you in preparing for job interviews, crafting a compelling resume, and honing the skills necessary to excel in your career.

Project-oriented training

We assist you in creating a real-time dashboard application, offering project-focused training to enhance your practical knowledge and experience with frontend technologies.

Interactive sessions

Our training sessions are interactive, fostering active participation and discussion to maximize your learning experience throughout the course.

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Affordable fees

We provide cost-effective fees for our Frontend Developer course, ensuring accessibility for all individuals interested in learning.

Industry projects

We offer practical hands-on experience with industry projects, enabling you to acquire valuable practical knowledge and experience in frontend development technologies.

Placement assistance

We offer complete placement assistance to our students, connecting them with leading companies in the   front-end development industry and helping them secure jobs in their desired field.

What is a Front End Developer?


front end developer course in hyderabad

Objectives of the Course

Prerequisites of Front End Developer

Who should learn?

Front End Developer Course in Hyderabad

Course Outline

The course commences with a thorough introduction to HTML, laying a strong foundation for organizing web content.

Participants will explore CSS, acquiring skills in styling and formatting web pages to craft visually appealing layouts.

Fundamentals of JavaScript will be addressed, empowering students to incorporate dynamic and interactive elements into their web projects.

The training encompasses thorough exploration of popular front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and React.js.

Students will be introduced to user experience (UX) design principles, emphasizing the creation of interfaces that prioritize user satisfaction and accessibility.

The course culminates with hands-on projects, enabling participants to apply their knowledge and demonstrate their skills in constructing real-world web applications.

Participants will gain practical experience in responsive web design, ensuring websites adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices.

The curriculum delves into advanced JavaScript topics, encompassing ES6 features and asynchronous programming concepts.

Front End Developer Course

Modes of Training

Online Training

Self-Paced Videos

Corporate Training

Front End Developer Course in Hyderabad

Career Opportunities


Web Developer

Front End Developers commonly serve as Web Developers, tasked with crafting and upkeeping the client-facing components of websites.


UI/UX Designer

They hold a vital role in designing User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), guaranteeing websites and applications are visually enticing and user-friendly.


Front End Engineer

Front-end developers with experience working on online and app interfaces have numerous job options. They work in tech firms, startups, and businesses, where they contribute to user experience and interface design.


Interactive Web Developer

Dedicated to constructing dynamic and interactive features, Front End Developers actively contribute to the creation of captivating web applications.


Mobile App Developer

Certain Front End Developers focus on mobile app development, designing the user interface for iOS, Android, or cross-platform applications.


Responsive Web Designer

Front End Developers who specialize in responsive design guarantee that websites adeptly adjust to diverse devices and screen dimensions.

Front End Developer

Skills Developed Post Training


Proficiency in HTML/CSS, JavaScript and various front end frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js


Proficiency in crafting responsive and dynamic web applications and websites using front-end technologies.


Proficiency in problem-solving and debugging code to rectify errors.


Comprehension of front-end architecture, design patterns, and optimal practices.


Practical involvement in constructing real-world projects and implementing user interface designs technically.


Skilled in utilizing version control systems like Git for effective collaboration and code management.


front end developer certificate

Front End Developer Course in Hyderabad

Students Testimonials

Read More
My experience learning Front End development at Full Stack Campus was exceptional. The trainers were both knowledgeable and patient, and the hands-on learning approach enabled me to acquire the necessary skills to begin my career as a Front End developer.
Jyothi Varma
Read More
The Front End Developer Course at Full Stack Campus was precisely what I required to elevate my skills and understanding in web development. The curriculum was thorough and current, and the trainers provided continuous support and encouragement throughout the learning process.
Surekha Vani
Read More
I strongly endorse Full Stack Campus for individuals seeking to learn Front End development. The course content was exceptional, the training approach was hands-on and captivating, and the institute's job assistance enabled me to secure a job that I truly enjoy.
Read More
The Front End Developer Course at Full Stack Campus proved to be a transformative experience for me. The course was meticulously structured and encompassed all crucial aspects of Front End development. The instructors were deeply passionate about teaching, and the individualized attention I received facilitated my learning and professional growth in the field.
Read More
Full Stack Campus stands out as the top training institute for Front End development in Hyderabad. The course material was extensive, the instructors were seasoned professionals, and the learning atmosphere was supportive and motivating. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in mastering Front End development and forging a successful career in the field.
Read More
Coming from a graphic design background, the Front End Developer course at Full Stack Campus Institute provided an ideal pathway into the realm of web development. The instructors excelled at simplifying complex concepts into easily understandable segments, resulting in an enjoyable learning experience.

Companies that Hire

Front End Developer Course

Benefits of the Course

Skill Mastery

Enrolling in a Front End Developer course allows individuals to master essential skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with proficiency in popular front-end frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js.

Industry-Relevant Knowledge

The course delivers current and industry-relevant knowledge, ensuring participants are proficient in the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in front-end development.

Career Advancement

As digital experiences continue to advance, the outlook for front-end engineers appears promising. Front-end developers play a crucial role in shaping the user-centric digital landscape with evolving technologies like PWAs and AR/VR.

Real-world Projects

The hands-on projects provided throughout the course enable individuals to translate theoretical concepts into practical scenarios, creating a strong portfolio that highlights their skills to potential employers.

Expert Guidance

Participants receive guidance from experienced instructors who offer valuable insights, feedback, and industry knowledge, cultivating a supportive learning environment that accelerates skill development.

Certification Credibility

Earning a certification from a reputable institute enhances the credibility of one’s skill set, serving as a recognized validation of proficiency and dedication in front-end development—an invaluable asset when pursuing career opportunities.

Front End Developer Course in Hyderabad

Market Trend


The demand for Front End Developers is surging rapidly, driven by the increasing popularity of web-based applications and the requirement for visually captivating and engaging user interfaces.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth rate for Front End Development jobs is anticipated to surpass the average for all occupations.


As mobile devices become more prevalent, the need for responsive design and mobile-friendly web development is growing, leading to an increase in job opportunities for Front End Developers.


Front End Development has emerged as a fundamental aspect of web development, and numerous companies are seeking proficient developers capable of handling intricate web applications.


Due to the growing emphasis on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, Front End Developers with a solid grasp of design principles are highly sought after.


The future looks bright for Front End Developers’ job prospects, as companies will continue to seek skilled professionals to build and maintain their online presence.


The adoption of progressive web applications (PWAs) is on the rise, and Front End Developers skilled in constructing efficient and responsive PWAs are in high demand in the job market.


As the tech industry continues to expand, Front End Development is anticipated to offer robust job prospects and growth opportunities in the future.


The duration of the Front End Development course at Full Stack Campus is typically around 2-3 months.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate from Full Stack Campus.

 Yes, Full Stack Campus provides job placement assistance to students upon completion of the course.

The class size for the Front End Development course at Full Stack Campus is limited to a maximum of 20 students per batch to ensure personalized attention to each student.

Yes, Full Stack Masters offers online training for the Front End Development course.

The Front End Development course at Full Stack Campus covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React.js, and Angular.js.

Yes, students will have access to course materials and recordings for a certain period of time after the course is completed.